Helping Business Build The Future Of Digital

Hi there.

I’m an entrepreneurial person with a true passion for helping businesses build the future of digital. Using UX methods & tools, I’m able to lead and produce digital content to meet both the user & business goals.

I have 7+ years of experience in user research, wire-framing, A/B testing, UI design, prototyping and online video and I have a strong focus towards user-centered design (UCD), human-computer interaction (HCI) and viewer experience (VX).

Over the years working as a UX Consultant, I have worked with startup ventures, global eCommerce & affiliate brands, local council schemes, public transport and Ministry of Defence (MOD) projects working in both agile or waterfall methodologies.

Clients Include: The Ministry of Defence (MoD – Army, RAF, Navy, Cadets), Dyson, Fujitsu & FuturePLC (TechRadar, GamesRadar, MusicRadar, T3 & Lifehacker)



“Daniel is a very talented, focused and enthusiastic UX Lead & Designer. He possesses a large range of skills from research, user testing, UX design, and usability, which result in invaluable UX and AB testing initiatives that drive our eCommerce product forward. Most recently he achieved a 33% uplift in conversion rate due to his responsively designed phone comparison widget. Any product team would be lucky to have him.” – Ross Curtis, Senior Product Lead, eCommerce 

“Daniel has a talent for identifying user experience issues and coming up with innovative and pragmatic ways to solve them. He has a broad range of skills from wireframing and design, to user testing and AB testing. He’s enthusiastic and would be an asset to any digital team.” – Dr Ursula Green, Senior UX Professional 

“Ambitious and highly capable is the best way to describe Daniel. I initially interviewed Daniel and was impressed by his abilities to present his expertise. The things that impress me the most about Daniel are his willingness to learn about more than just user experience and his focus on solving problems. He has invested his own time to learn more about consumer behaviour and has helped to focus the team on solving problems. Daniel is always approachable and enthusiastic whenever I’ve spoken to him and he’d be an asset to any team.” – Ben Harvey Senior UX Designer