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What is Lean UX & should we be using it?

Should we be using the Lean UX process with Stakeholders, Clients or internally within product teams? This article allows you to learn what Lean UX is, why we should use it and a quick walk through the iterative think, make and check process.


What is Lean UX?

Lean UX is a process that helps us remove all the waste from our UX Design process. This means we move away from heavily documented handoffs to a process where we only design the artifacts we need to move the team or clients learning forwards.


Why use Lean UX?

  • Unite teams to work collaboratively to share the same vision
  • Learn quickly with continuous learning & testing
  • Create a shared understanding and a shared problem space
  • Create the minimum viable product (MVP) required for validating a vision
  • Speed up the UX process to deliver new products

What is the Lean UX Process?


  • Generative research – helps you define the problem you’d like to design a solution for
  • Evaluative research – evaluates an existing design (in prototype form or in final form)
  • Ideation – the formation of ideas or concepts.
  • Behavior Models – Understanding users behavior
  • Competitive Analysis – Understanding what makes your product or service unique.


  • Prototypes
  • Wireframes
  • Landing Pages
  • Hypotheses – explanation made on the basis of limited evidence.
  • Comps – is the shortening of the phrase comprehensive meaning closest draft to the final product.


  • A/B Testing
  • Site Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Usability Testing
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Signups


Should we be using Lean UX for all future projects? The simple answer is YES!


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