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The pricehawk google plugin is the ultimate smart shopping companion that shows you the cheapest tech prices on the products you’re shopping for and it will automatically notify you when it finds a cheaper deal.

The purpose of the plugin was to instantly notify users when a cheaper tech deal was found with the main UX objective to ensure the user wasn’t distracted away from their current web browsing experience but instead given extra information that saved them money and time.

The target audience for the plugin was the 18 -35 tech savvy user who are people that often buy high priced technology online.

User Reviews

“It works well most of the time, definitely handy when looking to save a few bucks. Just browse a website and it will show alternative sites with better prices. Easy to use. – Jeremy Ford”  

“This was super useful on Amazon Prime Day – I was able to check the supposed ‘deals of the day’ and Price Hawk told me that there were two deals that were better on other sites! I like the search functionality too – I will be recommending this to my family – Dave Rushmore”