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Project Goal

To develop a google plugin to enable users to be instantly notified when a cheaper tech deal was found while they were browsing retailers websites.


  • Person Building to understand the target audience
  • Competitor Analysis focused on how other plugins compared deals
  • Consumer Usability testing focused on User Experience

Roles you played

  • User Researcher
  • UI Designer


An MVP on the product was built and downloaded by 10,000 users.

User Reviews

“It works well most of the time, definitely handy when looking to save a few bucks. Just browse a website and it will show alternative sites with better prices. Easy to use. – Jeremy Ford”  

“This was super useful on Amazon Prime Day – I was able to check the supposed ‘deals of the day’ and Price Hawk told me that there were two deals that were better on other sites! I like the search functionality too – I will be recommending this to my family – Dave Rushmore”